Headlines 4/15-4/16/21 (Logan)


Where’s Kamala Harris? Tomi Lahren visits border, calls out VP

Biden CREATED this mess…

Newt Gingrich: This is a very dangerous time for the country

Disney’s Woke Plan for The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Did Not End Well


Psaki Fails to Confirm if Biden will EVER Reverse Policies Creating Border Crisis

BLM Co-Founder Exposed for Massive Money Scandal we ALL Saw Coming

New Footage at US-Mexico Border is Absolutely Terrifying

Tulsi Gabbard issues warning about potential war with Russia


Another Key Senator Scores Big With a HUGE Gift From Donald Trump

Joe Concha rips Kamala Harris for failing to address border crisis

No comparison between Real Jim Crow laws & Georgia voting bill

Dr. Siegel reacts to FDA recommending Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause


You Won’t Believe What CNN’s Brian Stelter is Crying About Now

Two Front War? Three Fronts? What’s Biden’s Game in Taiwan, Iran, and Ukraine?

Biden’s Lies Get another Boost From Top US Rep. Clyburn

Trump: GOP ‘helpless’ against Biden court packing | Jenna Ellis reacts


Psaki’s Plan for Reaching Out to “White Conservatives” Causes Internet Uproar

Radioactive material stolen in Mexico truck hijacking

How do you PAUSE a VACCINE?

Business Owner Stands His Ground after His Trump Flag draws Heavy Backlash


Putin Exploits WEAK Biden – Tulsi Gabbard Issues Dire Warning You Need To Hear

The Squad’s Rashida Tlaib Calls For Anarchy and it’s Absolutely Terrifying

Pelosi trashes AOC, ‘Squad’ in new book…

Pentagon has microchip ‘to detect COVID’ ready for you


FOX’s Chris Wallace Unleashes on Kamala Harris with Brutal Reality Check

The Squad’s Rashida Tlaib Calls For Anarchy and it’s Absolutely Terrifying

McEnany Reveals EXACTLY Who is To Blame for Fueling Mass Chaos Across the Country

Psaki Defends Embattled Michigan Governor: “She’s Done a Tremendous Job”


Everyone Noticed One Thing Wrong after Biden Condemns Minneapolis Riots

Ted Cruz: Biden’s New Plan ‘Not in Any Way, Shape, or Form ’Infrastructure’

Mark Levin: Joe Biden is a Serial LIAR

Hunter Biden Is the Gift That Keeps On Giving…


Minneapolis Unrecognizable after 2nd Night of Heavy Looting, Rioting Takes Place

Dems seek to DIVIDE us!

Dr. Fauci warns against these activities even after being vaccinated

Another Key Senator Scores Big With a Huge Gift From Donald Trump


Rashida Tlaib CALLED OUT by Rand Paul over policing comments

Ted Cruz: Biden has a ‘long history of race-baiting’

Psaki Fails to Confirm if Joe Biden will Ever Reverse Policies Creating Border Crisis

Biden’s list of failures…


AWESOME! Herschel Walker Teases Senate Run in Georgia

Gov. DeSantis, Scientists Slam Google, YouTube for Censorship

Antifa, ‘outside agitators’ want death, destruction for US: Chaffetz

Scalise blasts Biden’s ‘Soviet-style dream list’ infrastructure bill


Harry Reid’s Reaction to Biden’s Plan to Pack the Supreme Court Will Surprise You

Coinbase IPO will make bitcoin a household name: Tech investment expert

Inside Putin’s $1.4 Billion Dollar Heavily Guarded Palace

Inflation Becomes UNCONTROLLABLE As Food and Gas Prices Rise!


Pete Buttigieg Admits He Lied to Us about Biden’s Insane ‘Infrastructure’ Plan

They actually made a MICROCHIP???

Forbes blasts Biden’s Afghan troop withdrawal plan: It’s ‘disastrous’

Hunter Biden Is the Gift That Keeps On Giving…

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