Headlines 4/16/2018


Here Is The Article That Predicted Trump’s Action in Syria

First Lady Melania Trump Just Came Forward Declaring The One Thing That Won’t Go Unnoticed!

2nd Amendment Activists Say The Schools Are Brainwashing Children

Comey: Trump ‘morally unfit to be president’


Breaking: Germany Just Sided With Russia!

‘Creepy’ Chick-fil-A slammed by New Yorker

Trump’s approval ratings hit highest mark since first 100 days

France Just Released the Evidence on Assad!


Alex Jones: Is Trump Compromised

What To Expect From Latest Western Attacks On Syria

Liberal Logic: School Arms Teachers With 16 Inch Bats To Ward Of Active Shooters

BET founder: Trump economy bringing black workers back into labor force


Man Sets Himself on Fire, Dies in a Climate Change Suicide

New York school superintendent busted for voting twice in 2016 presidential election

What This Activist Judge Just Did To Endanger Americans Should Outrage Everyone

James Comey addresses his most controversial decisions


This Nuclear Blast Simulator Lets You Put In Any Address to See What Would Happen

Trey Gowdy Has Chosen Side And It’s Not What You Think

Breaking: Antifa Just Struck!

President Trump Just Donated His Entire 4th Quarter Paycheck To Help Rebuild America!


How Washington impacts your retirement savings

Tensions between U.S., Russia mount over Syria

Why Are Markets Having a Muted Reaction to BofA Earnings?

British tourists on “Red Alert” to flee Cyprus amid escalating war


This State Just Did the Unthinkable, and Liberals are Getting Ready to Riot in the Streets

Second Amendment Rally in Hartford Implores Hundreds to Fight

President Trump Lays Waste To Slimeball James Comey

New Yorkers Terrified Of ‘Creepy’ Chick-Fil-A Coming To Their City, Issue Immediate Order To…


Vice president Mike Pence Responds To Tragic News About His Daughter

Laura Ingraham Returns From Vacation, Gets Best News Ever — Hogg Ain’t Happy!

Parkland High School Blocks Student Invited Guest Speaker Who Has the ‘Wrong’ Views

Liberal Media Freaks After Trump Uses 1 Phrase, Now He Wants Everyone To Use It

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