Headlines 4/18/2018


Have Democrats Beaten America?

Can You Guess Which Country Sold Billions Of U.S. Debt? Hint: It’s Not China

Starbucks CEO on the controversial arrest in Philadelphia

Syrian government trying to hide chemical attack evidence?


Video: Liberals Attack Black Conservative For Starbucks Coverage

Judge: Evidence of Hillary Clinton’s guilt is overwhelming

Dems Introduce New Law To Lower Voting Age…You Won’t Believe How Low They Go

Wells Fargo Shocks With Gun Policy Move That Has Liberals Freaking Out All Over America


Trump Cheered After Seeing What This US Boxer Wore Into The Ring To Fight Mexican Opponent

McConnell shuts down bill to protect Mueller

Woman Nearly Sucked Out Of Jet During Southwest Airlines Flight

Rush Limbaugh: Democrat wave ‘not adding up’


Remembering Barbara Bush’s legacy

Whoa! Laura Ingraham’s show explodes in popularity and liberals are going crazy!

Debate: Will Democrats gain an edge in midterm elections?

Southwest passengers recall horror of deadly flight


War Alert: Russia Sends Warships Carrying Tanks To Syria

Ego Leads to Danger Yet Again | Active Self Protection

Thousands Of US Troops Amass On Syrian Border For Military ‘Drill’

Is Facebook Watching Us?


Can Trump create an Arab force to replace US troops in Syria?

Texas AG: Texas has higher crime because of illegal immigration

Big Banks, Governments Are Stockpiling Gold and Silver

Why California should send National Guard to border


This State Is Trying To Ban ‘Ghost Guns’

NBA Coach Continues To Trash President Trump, But Fans Put Him In His Place

Clinton & DNC Exposed For Money Laundering, You’ll Never Believe Who Covered It Up

Watch Smart Senator Silence Mark Zuckerberg With Just One Question


Major City Votes to Oppose California’s Sanctuary Law

Can conservatives combat efforts to censor free speech?

Southwest passenger dead after midair engine explosion

Watch: Sean Hannity salutes Barbara Bush

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