Headlines 4/19/2018


Could the sanctuary status backlash turn California Republican?

‘Growing evidence’ Comey lied to Congress

Varney: Democrats are resisting Trump in everything

Are Russian cyber spies hacking into US homes?


University Responds After Professor ‘Celebrates’ Death Of Barbara Bush

North Korea unlikely to give up its nuclear weapons?

US recession a risk from the mounting government debt?

Did Trump expand the Republican Party’s base?


Conservative Activist Just Put Comey On The Spot During Book Signing!

Mexico: 80+ candidates, politicians killed since September

Homeland Security to Track Bloggers, Journalists, & Editors

Has Hannity been colluding with Trump to influence US policy?


Faith leaders reportedly hold anti-Trump meeting

New inspections ordered on planes after deadly engine failure

‘Late Show’ writer slammed for ‘rude’ Barbara Bush tweet

What’s one word you would use to describe James Comey?


Breaking: “Pittsburg Police Prepare For Madness If Mueller Is Fired”

Nighttime Encounter Teaches a Lot about Handheld Lights | Active Self Protection

Air Force Man Surprises Mom During School Assembly

Trump Tries To Protect The American People!


Can Texas Really Secede from America?

Time running out for Maduro’s power in Venezuela?

How many potential crimes did Comey commit?

Is the Bull Market About to End?


David Hogg Begins New Gun Control Effort – Here’s What He’s Planning

Governor Andrew Cuomo Forces His Will On New York, “I’m Going to Make It Law”

Op-Ed Demonstrates Why Violence Will Always Be A Problem

City Employee Tells Store To Remove Military Flags, Blasts Veteran


Quote Of The Day: “Concealed Carry Means Everywhere, Including Schools”

Report: World’s total debt is skyrocketing

Turkish officials deeming Americans as ‘terrorists’

Are Russian cyber spies hacking into US homes?

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