Headlines 4/20/2018


Comey Admits There Is A Deep State

Ex-CIA Chief Just Confessed What Obama Did With the Russians During the Election

Pelosi calls tax cuts a “scam”

Which US State Has The Most Polluted Cities?


Breaking Report Reveals How Social Media Companies Are Censoring…

The Truth About Attorney / Client Privilege That The Media Wont Tell You

Hotep Nation: Liberals Are The Real Racists

Will the FBI be weakened if McCabe goes to trial?


The Entire Clinton Crime Syndicate Has Been Activated Against Trump

FBI Admits That The Memos Comey Leaked Were Classified Material

Breaking: Gov’t Releases Mind Control Targeted Individual Dossier

State of Iowa Takes First Steps to Make California Look like the Laughingstock of the Nation


Dems in Full Blown Panic Mode as New Midterm Poll Delivers the News They Never Wanted To Hear

What’s Really Behind Southwest Plane’s Emergency Landing?

Did Comey hurt McCabe, Clinton?

Breaking: Obama Weeps After Trump Crushes His Failed 8 Years of NK Policy in Less Than A Year


Check Out Which Democrats are  lining up to run for president in 2020

Sen. Mitch McConnell Kills President Trump’s Plan to Cut $60 Billion in Spending

Stormy Fails, Trump’s Evangelical Support Hits Record High

Two Florida Deputies Ambushed at Ace China In Trenton


After Reading “The Memos” Trump Pounds Last Nail In Comey’s Coffin!

New Jersey judges contradict U.S. Supreme Court

Heroic Southwest Pilot Reveals The Blessed Opportunity She Gets ‘On Almost Every Flight’

Scientists Grow Human Brain In Mouse Body


Charges Against Andrew McCabe Could Bring Down The Entire Clinton Crime Network

Comey memos revealed

Did Starbucks And The Public Fall For A Race Baiting Political Stunt

Parkland student calls Obama essay ‘asinine’


Congress Seeking Criminal Investigation Of Comey, Clinton And McCabe

Lesbian soldier demands access to marriage seminar taught by Christian

Breaking: Dirty Cop Robert Mueller Grinning After Committee Defies McConnell To Block Trump

Treasurer Busted in Dominatrix Scandal


Newt Gingrich: Comey is almost a pathological liar

Double standard: Left talks violence, conservatives silenced

Trump adds Rudy Giuliani to legal team

Ingraham: The swamp’s efforts to take down Trump nominees


Hannity: Good news for Trump, crushing blows for the left

Rep. Stewart: Memos show Comey was dishonest with Trump

Is Trump in the clear, but McCabe in trouble?

Syracuse suspends fraternity chapter because of disturbing videos


Trump Just Signed Executive Order That Liberals Have Feared Since His Election

Bystanders Step in to Stop Evil | Active Self Protection

President Trump Gets Unexpected News From Governor Jerry Brown Of California!

DOJ Inspector General Refers Andrew McCabe for Criminal Prosecution


Real risk of recession in 2019: Dan Niles

The privacy costs of downloading apps to your phone

James Comey is bitter and biased: Robert Ray

Why Is the EU Rejecting a U.K. Plan for the Irish Border?


Why Is Debt Bad? Why Not Just Print Money Forever? THIS is Exactly Why!

Democrats have pinned their hopes on Mueller: Varney

Trump Hands the Military-Industrial Complex Another Massive Win

ECB Is Now Preparing All Banks For The Economic Collapse


Gun rights group suing over handgun ban at home day cares

David Hogg begins new gun control effort – here’s what he’s planning

Top 5 Must-Watch YouTube Channels For Gun Lovers

Gun sales in Florida surged after Parkland shooting. Statistics tell the story.


New Bill Seeks To Push States To Require License To Buy Handgun

Fired FBI Director Gets Worst News Yet, and Trump Couldn’t Be More Pleased

Gun Control Town Hall In Delaware Packed With Second Amendment Supporters

Breaking: Trump Has Done It Again


Dems expanding power grab for 2020?

Levin: Trump cannot be the target of an investigation

Comey claims FBI does not leak in redacted memos

Border Patrol reaction to DHS report on sanctuary policies

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