Headlines 4/24/2018


Hillary Clinton Praises Efforts To Crackdown On Conservative Media

Why Should Democrats should abandon the Russia probe?

Identity of Toronto Truck Attack Killer Revealed

BET Founder Admits Trump Is Making Liberals Worst Nightmare Come True


Could ‘Roseanne’ bring people with different political views together?

Joy Behar Tries to Turn Barbara Bush’s Funeral Into an Attack Against Trump, Gets More Than She Bargained For

“Pelosi misled American voters about tax relief” – Rep. Brady

Iran warns of “severe consequences” for canceling nuclear deal


Will The Democrats’ Witch Hunt Ever End?

Trump Considering Historic Pardon After Sylvester Stallone Made Desperate Plea!

CNN’s Dana Bash Gets Smacked Down After Inappropriate Kellyanne Conway Remarks

Eric Holders’ Starbucks Reeducation Camp


Mike Huckabee: Why Americans Should Care About Alfie Evans

Breaking: Attorney General Sessions Has Given The Order!

Candace Owens on left’s attempts to silence conservatives

Hannity: Devin Nunes drops bombshell on Russia probe


An Illinois County Just Voted To Become A Sanctuary For Gun Owners

Here’s Why Gas Prices Are Skyrocketing Right Now

Strong Reminder to Stay in the Fight Even When Hurt | Active Self Protection

Total Control: New Measures Toward Global Totalitarianism


The $400 Trillion Pension Crisis Can’t Be Bailed Out! Get Ready For…

China’s European Splurge Is Causing EU Alarm

Has the politicization of the FBI gone too far?

How to hit your retirement’s ‘magic number’


Breaking: Another Democrat Just Broke Party Lines, Big Win For Trump

Report: What De Blasio Does with Poor People When No One’s Looking

Woman Whose Husband Was Gunned Down Destroys Obama

Breaking: Obama Loses Again


Hannity: Devin Nunes drops bombshell on Russia probe

Confederate monument sparks legal dispute

Review: Standard Manufacturing SKO Shorty 12 Gauge

Police in Canada identify Toronto Van Driver Who Killed Ten 

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