Headlines 4/25/2018


BREAKING: You Won’t Believe Who Is Leaving Trump’s Admin To Join CNN

Melania Sat Next To The Obamas, Clintons For Barbara Bush’s Funeral – What She Did Was Stunning

Migrant caravan approaches US border

Nunes Announces FBI Evidence That Will End The Investigation On Trump


Is Comey Doing Damage to the FBI?

Madame Tussauds Unveils Melania Trump Wax Figure

Anti Gun Agenda FAILS! The NRA Just Broke Their 15 Year Fundraising Record

Man jailed for giving a police camera the finger


BREAKING: Trey Gowdy Received These Documents And Now Hillary Clinton Is In Big Trouble

DOJ To Release “Missing” Strzok Page Text Messages Within Hours!

She Stole The Show! All Eyes Were On Melania’s Chanel Silver Gown

Libs Cringe After Maxine Waters Makes New Shocking Claim About Trump!


Melania Trump scores triumph over media critics

Fresno State University Makes Decision On Professor Who Bashed Barbara Bush’S Death

Media Virtually Silent on Pro Gun Rally That Drew THOUSANDS

Iran promises ‘severe consequences’ if Trumps ends deal


Hillary Clinton Signs New Deal With Gowdy And President Trump’S Doj

Robber Overwhelmed by Prepared Defender | Active Self Protection

Yellowstone Supervolcano Strengthens Every Year Because Of ‘Hotspot’ Found Deep In Earth

Polish and German Police Silenced CZ-27 Pistols


Should investors begin to panic?

Trump Just Pointed Out What Nobody Will Say About James Comey

Bernie Sanders Is The Angel Of Economic Death: Kennedy

BREAKING: Report Exposes Obama DOJ Official Meddling With Clinton Investigation


Maxine Waters Statement on Comey So Insane Even MSNBC Calls Her Out

David Hogg And His Parkland Gang BLINDSIDED By News They Never Wanted To Hear

Melania Pulls Off Incredible Move & Puts Michelle Obama To Shame

CBS Shamelessly Runs Program on the Inevitable Assassination of Trump


Parkland Student: I Was Questioned For Gun Range Visit

Candace Owens on challenging liberal orthodoxy

Hannity: Media want Trump to fail on the world stage

CHILLING Animation: Parkland shooter’s movements in school

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