Headlines 4/26/2018


Bill Clinton Has Just Been Outed Over This Even After 40 Years

Ted Cruz endorses Trump for 2020 election

MSM Wants To Make Criticizing The Media A Hate Crime

Top Clinton Fundraiser in Disgrace as Video of Sickening Treatment of Cops Goes Viral


BREAKING: The U S Supreme Court Is About To Give President Trump A Major Victory!

Harry Reid tells Democrats to stop talking about impeachment

Subway closing 500 restaurants in the North America this year

Can Macron convince Trump to keep troops in Syria?


Why The DNC Lawsuit Will Backfire

Prof. Jordan Peterson Calls Out The Left For Pushing Virtuous Victimhood

The NYT And BBC Admit Bad Gut Bacteria Are Making You Depressed

China Begins Mark Of The Beast Social Credit Score System In 16 Cities


Cohen to plead the Fifth in Stormy lawsuit

Ex-cop arrested in ‘Golden State Killer’ case

Trump Veteran Affairs nominee faces more allegations

WSJ op-ed: A warning to my fellow liberals


California Set To Vote On Independence From US In 2020

New Study On JFK Assassination Unsurprisingly ‘Confirms’ Official Narrative

Clerk Takes a Huge Risk Confronting Chronic Shoplifters | Active Self Protection

Former Clinton Advisor Is In The Dog House!


The Double Standard In How Liberal, Conservative Speech Is Treated

Where should investors look to for growth?

Democrats have changed to a party of socialism: RNC spokesperson

Should a detention center be placed at the southern border?


After Being Dragged Through the Mud, NRA Gets A Huge Break

BUSTED: Hillary Clinton Caught Stealing $84 Million

2 New Savage Rifles, SlideFire Falls and A Sanctuary for guns!

Glenn Beck’s guide on how to blow a progressive’s mind


President Trump joins Fox & Friends

Supreme Court debates President Trump’s travel ban policies

Customer wrestles gun from armed robber in Mexico

Kurtz: Press blames the president for self-inflicted wounds

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