Headlines 4/27/18


Nancy Pelosi Let A Secret Slip And It Could End Her Career For Good

Alan Dershowitz: Robert Mueller Should Be Investigated

Dr. Marc Siegel: Sessions is starting to see the light on medical marijuana

Comey defends sharing his memos of Trump meetings


Is the Chinese government using smartphones to spy on you?

James Comey Makes Surprising New Claims In Disastrous Fox News Interview

Credibility crisis in the mainstream media

Do Democrats really support border security?


Trump Opens Up On The Special Thing He Did For Melania On Her Birthday

Will Bernie Sanders’s jobs plan be feasible?

The Pension Crisis Is Much Worse Than We Thought, It’s A Disaster

Trump Keeps His Promise To Release JFK Assassination Documents


Kellyanne Conway Brutally Slams Michelle Obama And Then…

Do Trump haters want to suppress free speech?

American PR firm called out for fake news videos

Did someone ‘hack’ Joy Reid’s homophobic blog posts?


SABO: Conservatives Must Take Action To Win The Culture War

Why Is The CIA Infiltrating The 2018 Congressional Elections?

Fox News poll: 43% of people would delete Facebook to protect privacy

Get Out Now: Entire Island Being Evacuated As Volcanic Eruptions Intensify


Straight ‘A’ Student Failed By Liberal Teacher For Her Response To…

Democrats push back on Sanders’ guaranteed job idea

MSM Ignores Historic North-South Korea Summit

Trump going into Merkel meeting with the upper hand?


Joe Digenova Comes Forward & Ruins What’s Left Of Comey’s Reputation

NBC’s $69 Million Dollar Bet On Megyn Kelly Completely Backfires On Them!

Was The Russian Lawyers Meeting With Donald Jr. A Set Up?

Matt Bracken Breaks Down The Bureaucratic Civil War In Washington


Congressmen Drop 50 Page Bombshell On Mueller’s Desk! Dems Freaking Out!

DHS Just Delivered A Crushing Blow To Obama’s Dreamers!

Breaking: Trump Goes Scorched Earth After Sen. Tester Forces Admiral Jackson Withdrawal

Trump Gets Best News Ever From Supreme Court Justices!


Alec Baldwin Gave Melania A Nasty New Name And Trump Isn’t Happy About It!

Breaking: Trump Blasts Through Senate Blockade And Scores Major Win – Finally!

VIDEO: Diamond And Silk Testify In Congress About Conservatives Being Censored

Baby Alfie Evans Appeal Rejected By EU Death Panel


Laura Ingraham: The new counter culture

Candace Owens: Black Americans doing better under Trump

Hannity: Trump is right about Mueller’s witch hunt

Corey Lewandowski slams Comey’s ‘messiah complex’


What If America and Russia Went To War?

Waffle House Hero Helps Raise $150,000 for Families of Victims

High Ranked Cia Officer Linked To Hillary Clinton Hit Team

Clerk Gives Robber the Judi Chop | Active Self Protection


Cost of Having Kids in the U.S. Has Skyrocketed! Many Are Opting Out

Why investors should turn to oil

New Court Hearing Set For Alfie Evans After Surviving Night Of State-Mandated Life-Support Removal

The Pension Crisis Is Much Worse Than We Thought, It’s A Disaster!


As Montana Democratic Senator Takes Down VA Nominee, Trump Issues Warning

Joy Behar Attacks Melania Trump On Her Birthday, What Happens Next Is Priceless…

Sessions Is Back: Issues Huge Announcement on Trump Cohen Investigation

BREAKING: Tragic News About Fox News’ Jesse Watters – Fans Left In Complete Disbelief


Diamond & Silk Destroy Democrats During Explosive Congressional Testimony

What Trump Did to Blacks and Jews 30 Years Ago Changes Everything

‘Americans Wake The Hell Up’ Says Devin Nunes As He Reveals Bombshell ‘Secret Intel’

EPIC: Sarah Sanders Shuts Down Arrogant CNN Reporter


President Trump Incinerates James Comey & Stormy Daniels In Wild Interview

Media Freaks Over Trump ‘Anti Semitic’ Comment, But Look Where it Really Came From…

Indians Not Willing to Work for Welfare Get Brutal News from Trump Admin

Rep Devin Nunes Reveals Deep State’s Plan For Midterm Elections.


Tucker: Why YouTube’s alleged censorship matters

Primary Arms 1-6x FFP Scope With Raptor Reticle Review

Kurtz: Why Cosby verdict is a cultural milestone

Comey on McCabe firing, Page-Strzok texts, Trump meeting

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