Headlines 4/30/18


Nancy Pelosi Declares Gun Control Will Be Priority in 2019

Op-ed: Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

Barack Furious After His Favorite Rapper Calls Out Dems For How They Used ‘Black People’

YouTube Censors Sean Hannity’s Video Criticizing Jimmy Kimmel’s Creepiness


Mystery Group of “Wealthy Donors” & Soros Spends $50 Million For Private Trump Investigation

Judge Jeanine: Comey’s a liar, leaker and leftist liberal

Senate Panel Betrays President Trump With What They Just Did For Robert Mueller

Cursing comedian bombs at White House Correspondents’ Dinner


Trump-Hating New York Judge Makes Insane Ruling on MAGA Hats…

James Comey Just Got Roasted In Front Of Millions

Trump’s Hillarious Impression Of Maxine Waters Brings Down The House!

Conservative Free Speech Suppressed On Social Media


Cursing comedian bombs at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Trump rips Comey, DOJ, media

How effective are Trump’s policies at reducing poverty?

Candace Owens speaks on President Trump Michigan rally


Trump Get Surprise From California’s Governor Brown!

Prepared Defender Owns Carjackers | Active Self Protection

2016 Toyota Tacoma 4 X 4 Review: A Good Prepping Vehicle?

Three Punks Use Ruse to Ambush Librarian | Active Self Protection


And The Most Popular Politician In America Is…

The Military’s Ray Gun Can Stall Cars, Trucks with Radiation Blast

0% Down Subprime Mortgages Are Back! No Income Required! If You Have A Face, You’re Qualified!

Unusual Eruptions at World’s Largest Active Geyser In Yellowstone


Oregon Redefining Pistols as Assault Weapons?

Ben Carson Attacks Welfare Leeches, Moves Against Millions Living on Taxpayer Dime

Trump Eviscerates Former Administrations with Denuclearization Finally on the Table

One More State Moves Closer To Constitutional Carry


‘Free-Range Parenting’ Pioneer Talks Kids And Independence

Gutfeld: The White House had one of its best weeks ever

Federal Goes Deep: 9mm 135gr Hydrashok Deep Service Pistol Gel Test

Vektor CR21: South Africa’s Futuristic Bullpup

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