Headlines 5/1/18


Does Donald Trump deserve the Nobel Peace Price?

Sweden Ignores Migrant Rape Crisis; UK Appoints Muslim To Head Up Border Security

Pope Calls For World Wide Ban Of “All Weapons,” Will The Vatican Police Lay Down Theirs?

Ron Paul: Illegal Wars, a Gold-Backed Dollar, and the Odds of a Trump Re-election


Kathy Griffin defends comic Michelle Wolf after WHCD jokes backlash

GOP lawmakers fear they haven’t done enough to fight ‘blue wave’: report

More Starbucks, more problems: NYPD officer sues coffee chain

Did the migrant caravan actually help Trump’s immigration agenda?


“A Doctor Please!” Trump Halts Rally Mid Sentence For Emergency In Crowd!

Ben Carson Just Unveiled A New Program That Will Turn Millions Of Democrats Into Republicans!

CNN’s Acosta, Lemon, Stelter partied with half-naked ladies after WHCD

Red Alert: Mattis And Other Experts Say Israel Preparing To Attack Iran


Tucker: Caravan’s plight is not immigration, but an invasion

Do the mainstream media pay only lip service to free speech?

Comedian defends anti-Trump jokes at WHCD dinner

The secret search to find St. Peter’s remains


Breaking: “Apocalyptic Asteroids Will Hit The Earth Soon”

Unluckiest Robber Stopped By Passing Off Duty Cops | Active Self Protection

Baby Alfie, the Latest Victim of Omnipotent Government

Almost 2/3 Of Americans Have Given Up On Political Parties Citing Corruption In Government


Could Fed policy cause a recession?

Jack Daniels sues competitor for trademark infringement over bottle

How will Democrats campaign during the midterm elections?

Trump calls catch-and-release program ‘ridiculous’


This Colorado City Is Trying To Ban 2nd Amendment

Big Democrat Just Hauled Out Of Disney World In Handcuffs Screaming ‘I Can Do Whatever I Want!’

Trump Just Saved A Woman’s Life Himself And The Media Is Dead Silent Because Of Who She Is…

Federal Goes Deep: 9mm 135gr Hydrashok Deep Service Pistol Gel Test


Do cop killers deserve the death penalty?

Netanyahu shows proof of secret Iranian nuclear program

Ingraham: The death of comedy and decency

Gun Talk Radio: Campus Carry Reduces Crime; Scope Bites; Dallas NRA Show

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