Headlines 5/2/18


Trump Drops Ominous Impeachment Warning Ahead of 2018 Midterms

Dems Losing Huge Support Among Millennials

Does Mueller benefit from leaked questions?

Condoleezza Rice: Depth of Iran’s lying is now obvious


Pelosi faces Democratic backlash over plans to run for Speaker

Trump’s push to renegotiate NAFTA ahead of Mexican election

Masculinity Under Attack At University Of Texas MasculinUT Program

How The Left Destroyed Comedy


People In Indiana Are Ready To Riot After Massive Sign Popped Up Overnight

Netanyahu Makes Shocking Announcement That Will Have Obama Go Into Hiding

Sessions Announces Drug Dealers To Pay, Massive Indictments on the Way

Migrant Says He “Accidentally” Raped Belgian Woman


Mueller threatens possibility of Trump subpoena

Did women kill chivalry?

Obama gave Iran billions, they gave it to terrorists

Man leaves wheelchair for a moment to walk with new wife down aisle


Trump Unleashes Swift American Justice On Migrant Caravan Who Jumped The Border

Hillary’s Back… And She Just Made a Move For the “Resistance”

New York WEAPONIZES Regulatory Powers Against The NRA

How Many People Can The Earth Sustain?


Trump considers adding “space force” to US military

The great tax exodus from high-tax states

Michelle Malkin Reminds Democrats Of The Realities Of Illegal Immigration

Rising uncertainty over Trump’s potential tariffs


Liberals Livid After Trump Makes Announcement About Term Limits For Congress

Roseanne Just Unleashed 3 Devastating Secrets About Sanders Hating Comedian…

Hannity Pulls Skeletons Out Of Mueller’s Closet… “He’s No Angel”

Humiliated Hillary Desperate And Out Of Cash, Stumbles In Begging For Help – Told To ‘Go Away’


Second Amendment supporters hit with death threats

Ingraham: Corruption, collusion, cash and the caravan

Is the U.S. being pushed into a possible war with Iran?

Russian fighter jet buzzes US spy plane!

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