Headlines 4/3/2018


Breaking: Jeff Sessions appoints federal prosecutor to investigate FBI

Why the US needs to stand up to China on trade

Everybody Uses This Product That Is Killing Us

California’s leftist lawmakers are facing a building backlash


Jimmy Carter Takes a Shot at Trump

‘Strange Inheritance’: Family finds Norman Rockwell painting

Critics hit Trump as ‘worst president ever’ despite approval

Why Nancy Pelosi could help Democrats going into the midterms


NBC Reporter Implies Trump is Complicit in School Shootings

Limbaugh laughs as judge makes ‘mincemeat’ of environmental ‘wackos’

Mind-reading device translates thoughts into text

Spring Swing: Trump 50% Approval Rating Terrifies Authoritarian Left


U.S. taxpayers give Planned Parenthood cash to fund all abortions

What happened on Easter Monday?

See 3D model of Jesus from Shroud

Could Russia And UK Be Heading For The Last War”?


Trump Says The Caravan Deep In Mexico Is Headed For The USA Border!

Cops Help Delivery Easter Baby on Side of the Road

Breaking: Trump Approval Hits 50%, Tops Obama at Same Point in His Presidency.

Top 10 Secrets Only The President Knows


NASA Begins Developing Robot Bees To Explore Martian Surface

$370 Trillion Is At Risk As This Indicator Keeps Rising Into Danger Territory!

Investors’ concerns about potential trade war underestimated?

Can Democrats take back the House?


Do Gun Bans Work? Ask The UK

YouTube Banned Gun Making Videos, Yet Still Allows Bomb Making Ones

Beloved Hollywood Actor Turns on Democrats, Delivers 7 Brutal Words of Truth

David Hogg Exposed – He Is A Sham!


How bad is the situation at America’s southern border?

Colt’s Prototype Post-War Pocket Hammerless Model M

Trump blames Democrats for ‘dead’ DACA deal

Watch: SpaceX Falcon 9 launch

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