Headlines 4/3-4/5/21 (Kalee)


No vaccine, pay a TAX?! Listen to the left’s new attempts to FORCE compliance

COVID hospitalizations grow despite vaccinations opening up

Who Is the Real Jesus? 

13 state AG’s sue Biden admin on stimulus tax rule

Lindsey Graham says voting for this bill will ‘screw’ corporate America

Chris Christie: Coronavirus vaccine passports is ‘too much big goverment’

Biden’s border ‘catastrophe’ builds despite GOP calls for for solutions

Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters Hold Coronavirus and Fossil Fuel “Die-In” in D.C.


CNN’s Van Jones Hints what Will Happen at the End of George Floyd Trial

Dan Bongino ROASTS Biden Admin Over Migrant Crisis

Jill Biden Tries to Speak Spanish – It All Goes Downhill from There

Biden Has ANOTHER Close Call while Walking Up Steps to Air Force One

AOC’s Reaction to Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Says Everything You Need to Know

Uncle Sam: Vaccinate your kids, or I will!

GOP Senator Really Thinks this Gun Reform Bill will Get Bipartisan Support

Hunter Biden excludes major controversies from new book


The Most “Honest” Thing Ever Said On CNN…

How much is Biden’s border crisis costing Texas taxpayers?

Pipeline Protesters Use Bike Locks to Chain Their Necks to Display in Front of White House

New report links Matt Gaetz to alleged cash payments provided to women for sex

Teacher calls parents ‘white supremacists’ for pushing schools to reopen

Border Patrol ‘horrified’ by toddlers being dropped over border wall

Asian-American Health Policy Expert just RIPPED the Biden Admin for ‘Token’ Hire

How Politicians Use Trajedies To Affect 2A Rights


Comply or Die: How America Will Enforce TOTAL Wokeness

Former Papa John’s CEO on the call that cost him his career

Rep. Mo Brooks Reveals REAL Reason Dems Don’t Care about the Border

Hannity on Biden tax plan: ‘Your bank account will suffer’

Jim Jordan rips Biden economic plan: They want to undo all ‘good’ Trump policies

Biden’s Dog Has ANOTHER Biting Incident But This Time the Victim was Hospitalized

Psaki Panics after Reporter Demands to Know Why it’s Now a Biden-Harris Administration

Amazon Unveils ORWELLIAN Tech to Track Your Life


Kevin McCarthy Goes OFF on Nancy Pelosi for Her Sick Plan for Iowa Rep

AOC’s Latest Reaction to the Border Crisis is Absolutely Shameful

$2.25 Trillion Infrastructure Stimulus A BAILOUT for Corporations?

Presidential Limo “The Beast” Compared To Other Armoured Cars From Around The World

15 million Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses compromised

Alaska RINO Lisa Murkowski Has OFFICIALLY Met Her Match

Lara Trump Just Puts Dems, AOC on Blast for their Border Hypocrisy

Parler Warned the FBI about Capitol riot threats…but still got blamed?!


Pete Buttigieg FORCED to Walk Back Tax Plan on Milage – Now He’s Got a New Idea

$2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan: Will It Help Or Hurt Our Economy?

This Complaint Proves how PRIVILEGED Kamala Harris Really is

Testing Elon Musk’s Starlink: Is It Really a Rural Internet Game Changer?

Marco Rubio Slams “Woke Corporate Hypocrites” for Close Ties to Chinese Communist Party

Biden spending plan to weaken dollar ‘substantially’: Bear Traps Report founder

Tammy Bruce reacts to Cuomo reportedly receiving $4M for COVID book deal

Democrats’ priorities are buried in the $2T spending plan: Sen. Kennedy

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