Headlines 4/3-4/5/21 (Logan)


EPIC! GOP Candidate in TX Releases SCORCHING New Ad Aimed at DC Dems

NASA Seeks Water on the Moon to Fuel Its Mission to Get Humans to Mars | WSJ

Watch Matt Gaetz TORCH Cancel Culture during SCORCHING Monologue

‘It’s Rather Disgusting’: AZ Sheriff Details How Trump VS Biden Handled Border Crisis


Vaccine Passports: Your Ticket To Tyranny

Liberal ‘Journalist’ ENDLESSLY Mocked on Twitter after Biden Press Conference

Lindsey Graham: “We’re Complicit as a Nation in Human Trafficking”

Psaki’s Defense of Biden Traveling While Telling America Not to Is a TOTAL Train Wreck


Kamala Harris Holds Event with Bill Clinton – The Occasion will Have you ROFL

Border crisis FUNDING Mexican cartels with $180 MILLION?

Huge corporation tells employees THESE phrases are offensive

You’ll be OUTRAGED at this New Tax Democrats Want You to Pay


Psaki PANICS after Reporter DEMANDS to Know Why it’s Now a Biden-Harris Administration

Ron Johnson REACTS to Border Crisis with Brutal Reality Check for Biden Admin

Kevin McCarthy Goes OFF on Nancy Pelosi for Her Sick Plan for Iowa Rep

GOP Senator UNLEASHES On Biden, Dares Him To Do 1 Thing To Fix Border Crisis


Biden’s Dog Has ANOTHER Biting Incident But This Time the Victim was HOSPITALIZED

Amazon Unveils ORWELLIAN Tech to Track Your Life | Slightly Offens*ve

AOC’s Latest Reaction to the Border Crisis is Absolutely SHAMEFUL

Kudlow: Biden economic plan ‘war against wages for middle income earners


Lara Logan: America is ‘ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL’ regarding Mexican drug cartels

Comply or Die: How America Will Enforce TOTAL Wokeness | Glenn TV | Ep 98

Hannity on Biden tax plan: ‘Your bank account will suffer’

Will Biden’s infrastructure plan make him the new FDR?


Hannity: Biden waging ‘all-out assault’ on American principles

AWKWARD! Jill Biden Tries to Speak Spanish – It All Goes Downhill from There

AOC’s Reaction to Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Says EVERYTHING You Need to Know

GOP Senator Really Thinks this Gun Reform Bill will Get Bipartisan Support


BRUTAL! Dan Bongino ROASTS Biden Admin Over Migrant Crisis

13 state AG’s sue Biden admin on stimulus tax rule

Tom Homan gets emotional watching ‘disturbing’ video of smugglers dumping kids

Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters Hold Coronavirus and Fossil Fuel “Die-In” in D.C.


Border Patrol Releases HORRIFYING Video of Smugglers DROPPING Toddlers over Border Wall

Donald Trump REACTS to Biden’s Jobs Plan with BRUTAL Reality Check

Biden Has ANOTHER Close Call while Walking Up Steps to Air Force One

Hunter Biden excludes major controversies from new book


SICK! Maxine Waters’ Latest Attack on Police is Absolutely SHAMEFUL

AOC Goes on UNHINGED Rant About Border Crisis: “This Is Not a Surge”

US intel agencies stymie UFO report

Joe Biden Nearly Falls Again Walking up the Stairs to Air Force One


Kamala Harris Has One Word to Say About the Border Job Biden Gave Her

Matt Gaetz Just SHRED Joe Biden’s Top Priority for the Military

Peter Doocy from FOX Confronts Psaki after Biden Snubs him from Solo Press Conference

BUCKLE UP: Donald Trump Talks about Holding FIRST Rally Since Leaving Office


You’ll FUME at this Question the Media Just Asked Biden

Kayleigh McEnany Reveals the SAD TRUTH about Any More Biden Press Conferences

U.S. Special Operations Command’s Office Just Made the WORST Staffing Choice in History

Hawkins: Universal Background Checks Are Dems’ “Guiding Light” to More Gun Control


The REAL Issue Behind the Scenes: Why We’re Looking Like WW1

Lara Trump Just Puts Dems, AOC on BLAST for their Border Hypocrisy

This Complaint Proves how PRIVILEGED Kamala Harris Really is

Marco Rubio Slams “Woke Corporate Hypocrites” Like Delta for Close Ties to Chinese Communist Party


U.S. Special Operations Command’s Office Just Made the WORST Staffing Choice in History

Paramedic gives chilling testimony during Derek Chauvin trial | WNT

American Bar Association Tells Senate To Violate 2A Rights

Uncle Sam: Vaccinate your kids, or I will!


Ohio Republicans look to ban ‘vaccine passports’

Deadly office shooting leaves 4 dead, including 1 child | WNT

Teacher calls parents ‘white supremacists’ for pushing schools to reopen

Border Patrol ‘horrified’ by toddlers being dropped over border wall


Parler WARNED the FBI about Capitol riot threats…but still got blamed?!

Cuccinelli: Cartels are the most evil, vicious people in western hemisphere

Man in car with George Floyd plans to plead the fifth in Chauvin trial

CHILLING: Immigrant JAILED for open business warns we’re facing “1983 Poland”


Donald Trump REACTS to Biden’s Jobs Plan with BRUTAL Reality Check

AOC floating $10T price tag for infrastructure ‘frightening’: Steve Moore

Tammy Bruce reacts to Cuomo reportedly receiving $4M for COVID book deal

Ep. 1867 How Poor Countries Become Rich


AOC’s Reaction to Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Says EVERYTHING You Need to Know

Biden’s ‘losing’ moderate Democrat support in the House: Former OMB director

Liberty boss promises ‘no closures’, despite his steel empire facing finance collapse

Pete Buttigieg FORCED to Walk Back Tax Plan on Milage – Now He’s Got a New Idea

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