Headlines 4/6/2018


Breaking: Mueller Attempts To Block Investigation Of Wikileaks Files

How likely is a full blown trade war with China?

Seattle Police Grabbing Guns Under New Extreme Risk Laws

Joe Biden would run against Trump in 2020: Charlie Gasparino


Teacher Goes On Attack Against White Girl Who Supports Trump

Who’s Really To Blame For School Shootings?

Ted Cruz Challenger Raises Millions, Will Probably Still Lose

How China’s tariffs are already hurting farmers


Deranged: Texas Councilwoman Charged For Verbally Attacking Teenage Girls In Trump Shirts

Sorry CNN, Majority Of Americans Agree With Trump

California mayor speaks out against sanctuary law

Rep. Meadows: Andrew McCabe’s firing was not politically motivated


Media Blackout On Leaked Document Detailing Plan For Martial Law In Baltimore

What happens next in the US v. China tariffs battle?

Hispanic Man Attacked By His Father For Supporting Trump

78 Year Old Man Arrested For Murder For Defending His Home


Are Your Wine and Oreos Contaminated With Monsanto Chemicals?

Karl Rove: “I’m more concerned with China stealing our intellectual property”

Nunes demands original document that started the Russia probe

Trump calls on Congress to make cuts in $1.3 trillion spending bill


Youtube Shooting Witness Makes Shocking Admission On Live TV!

Male Democrat accused of using Colorado Senate’s women’s restroom

World of Sports: Masters tees off

Jordan Peterson On The Youtube Incident And The Origin Of War


Woman demands Ted Cruz DNA test to prove he’s human!

Trump Drops Devastating New Nickname On Obama

IRS Handed 13,000 Digital Bank Accounts

Did Nixon See Space Aliens?


SpaceX founder vows Big Falcon Rocket will carry humanity to Mars

Student loan debt exceeds $1.2 trillion

This CEO Bucks Hogg Boycott, Stands With Laura Ingraham

Nancy Pelosi Calls For Gun Control After Active Shooter at YouTube Headquarters


Waterpark co-owner pleads not guilty in boy’s death

Update: “Body Of Missing CDC Scientist Found In River” Atlanta

Young boy trapped in sewer pipes prayed to God not to let him die

Indian Christians charged with ‘hurting religious sentiments’ for handing out tracts during Easter


Franklin Graham: Christians shouldn’t vote for ‘progressive’ candidates

Students planning walkout to protest ‘pornographic’ sex ed

NYPD release video after fatally shooting bipolar father wielding pipe

The secret to freedom no one wants to hear


Breaking:  China Warns “Arrogant” America On Trade War

Bill O’Reilly Brilliantly Reacts To President Trump’s Military Border Plan

Big Earthquake Rocks Southern California

How To Recognize When Your Society Is Suffering A Dramatic Decline


Economic Collapse Warning! $3.85 Trillion Dollar Household Debt

What U.S. Goods Could China Target Next With Tariffs?

How The Next Financial Crisis Will Allow Central Banks To Buy Entire Companies And Own Everything!

Barnhardt: Bitcoin Could Be Outlawed


Trump Demolishes Transgender Bathroom Debate – Obama is Crying

Group Of Colorado Students Join Growing Chorus Of Pro-2A Youth Voices

Breaking: Obama Used State Dept Cash To Fund Massive Illegal Enterprise. What Did He Hide?

After Calling Anti-Gun Protesters “Soulless,” Ted Nugent Takes Things A Step Further – Hot News


Political correctness is killing people in London

McCarty’s Peculiar Revolver

How the Obama State Dept. funded Soros group’s activities

New details on Andrew McCabe’s firing


Newt Gingrich: We’re in the middle of a cultural civil war

Body camera captures police shooting of 21-year-old student

The Second Amendment’s Reason for Being – Quote of the Day

Trump ramps up illegal immigration fight

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