Headlines 5/13-5/14/21 (Kalee)


Farmer Fights Back Against Blatant Racism From Biden administration

GOP Senators, AG Ken Paxton discuss border crisis

THIS Town Radiates Freedom with New Declaration

Democratic Del Rio mayor blasts Biden admin as migrants surge into Texas

Gov. Cuomo Initiates “Jim Crow” for Unvaccinated Citizens

69 Members of Congress Ask Senate Not To Confirm David Chipman as ATF Head

Lara Trump: ‘Really scary’ to see gas shortages in first months of Biden admin

Triggered! Libs Outrages after Looking Up and Seeing this Epic GOP Billboard on the Highway

How much swamp can we drain?

Joe Concha rips White House’s new journalism policy


Newt Gingrich UNLEASHES during Interview about Pipeline Attack

Brian Kilmeade slams Biden for paying ransom to pipeline hackers

Ted Cruz Drops Nuke on Biden’s DOJ Nominee That No One Saw Coming

Sen. Kennedy: Biden needs to stop ‘honking like a goose’ and solve problems

Major Crack Closes Bridge Over Mississippi River, Transport Grinds to A Halt

General predicts ‘Quiet Exit’ of military members dissatisfied with far-left politics

Biden’s DOJ Just Hired the Most Controversial Person for Critical Job

America Makes Aircraft Carriers, China Makes Money

DeSantis Leads the Way – Slams Dems for Ruining Kids Childhoods

Anthony Fauci Flatly Denies Funding “Gain-of-Function” Virus Research in Wuhan Lab via NIH


Druckenmiller WARNS Fed Endangering Dollar Reserve Currency Status!

Sen. Lee blames ‘excessive government spending’ for surging gas prices

Conor McGregor Is The Highest Paid Athlete In The World

Lara Trump: ‘Really scary’ to see gas shortages in first months of Biden admin

4 Ways To Lead A Remote Team Successfully

How Roblox Became a $45 Billion Public Videogame Company

Bank of America plans dividend hike, buybacks

California Desperate after Millions Leave after Waking Up and Smelling the Roses


There’s ONE way left The Fed can fix inflation. But here’s why they won’t…

Crypto crumbles after Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s bitcoin tweet

Big banks plan to give credit cards with no credit

Colonial Pipeline reportedly gives hackers $4M-$5M to get back online

America Makes Aircraft Carriers, China Makes Money

This state is offering $1 million lottery for vaccinated adults

Kevin McCarthy: Police Should Receive More Funding, Not Less to Do Their Jobs

Gas prices and inflation under Biden being compared to Jimmy Carter era

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