Headlines 5/27-5/28/21 (Kalee)


Biden’s Response to UFO Question Says It All!

Fauci needs to ‘come clean’ to Americans about Wuhan lab theory

Gov DeSantis Laying the Groundwork for 45 to Return?

CALLING ALL PATRIOTS! If You’re Nearby, Come on Out to Celebrate Music, Food & Freedom!

Subject Line – Calling ALL Patriots | Desantis Laying The Ground Work For Trump | Biden’s Respons to UFO’s Says It All


US taxpayers were funding the Wuhan lab

Senator John Kennedy HUMILIATES Dr. Fauci While Entire Internet Rolls Over Laughing

Schools subtly import ‘anti-American, woke’ ideas into classes

Jen Psaki Spews Total  BS When Asked about Joe’s Health


Chris Cuomo SHREDDED with only two words from the mouth of Meghan McCain

CNN is an ‘opinion network’ and they should admit it

Progressives have hijacked moment to advance their own agenda

Jen Psaki Touts Joe Biden Funding the Police When Asked About Rising Crime

MSNBC Host Makes Ridiculous Demand For Trump Supporters LIVE on the Air

Glenn Calls Out companies working with China Despite horrific concentration camps

John Cena apologizes to.. China?

FBI Investigating Death Threats & ‘White Powder’ Sent to Senator Rand Paul’s Home

Subject Line – Chris Cuomo Shredded | Death Threats Sent To THIS Senator | John Cena Apologizes To China


Biden voters, he just ‘JIPPED’ you

Fauci, what’s with the flip-flopping?

Hollywood Horrified after Jon Voight drops Video Exposing the Left

Republican governors’ message to Biden: Stop trying to rescue us

The New War on Terror: Innocent Until Proven Conservative

Liberal Activist Exposes what Biden’s Infrastructure Plan is Really About

Next Air Force chief making millions from war

Media is scrambling to coverup their messes

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