Headlines 5/27-5/28/21 (Logan)


Biden May Have Just ADMITTED A Violation – Impeach Him Now!

Vet Goes OFF on Woke Policies at School board Meeting – This Man is an American HERO

New details on Wuhan lab fuels COVID-19 origins debate

CDC Investigating Heart Issues in Kids!


Kamala Harris’ Latest Move PROVES She’s the One in Charge

Will Russia-China meetings solidify their world domination? 

Biden Holds YouTube COVID Town Hall and the opening was a Clown Show

Crime-loving, Trump-hating, Swamp dwellers…


Psaki Dodges the Question EVERY American Wants Answers To

Biden ACTIVELY Plotting to Support Terror Sponsors – It’s Unforgivable

Dan Bongino Unleashes On Geraldo Rivera in Heated Interview

Government Has A Duty To Protect Babies In The Womb


This Might Be the BIGGEST LIE From the White House Ever

Kamala Harris under fire for wiping hand after handshake

Did Biden just throw environmentalists under the bus?

Media freaks with Pentagon UFO report imminent


Rand Paul receives death threat in package with white powder

Biden Promotes Coronavirus Vaccine with “Boy Beauty Vlogger”

Fox News drone video shows migrants rushing the southern border

Biden ACTIVELY Plotting to Support Terror Sponsors – It’s UNFORGIVABLE

Subject Line – Rand Paul Receives Death Threat | Biden Supports Terror Sponsors | Drone Shows Migrants Rushing the Border


Andrew Cuomo SNAPS after Reporter asks Bold Question

Rubio Unleashes after Dems prep January 6 Commission Bill – Exposes it for…

Sen. Paul Attacked Again…Left Wing Twitter Encourages Violence

Ron Johnson: GOP wants ‘honest’ answers from Dr. Fauci


President Trump Drops a BOMBSHELL

Riot, loot and defund – the Leftist agenda

Did it actually come from the lab?

CNN is an ‘opinion network’ and they should admit it


Press Sec Psaki SNAPS When Reporters Corner Her On Guns

Left’s Hoaxes are designed to Shift our reality…WAKE UP, AMERICA!

Is this what George Floyd died for?

Mainstream media ‘looks foolish’ for dismissing Wuhan lab theories


Biden Actively Plotting to Support Terror Sponsors – It’s Unforgivable

John Kennedy rips Democrat bill as an ‘orgy of spending’

Fired Space Force commander’s Marxist warning is ‘completely true’

Trump: ‘They’re going to destroy this country’


CRINGE ALERT: Biden Meets with S. Korean President – It All Goes Downhill from There

Tulsi Gabbard Leads the Charge against Marxist Mayor Lori Ligthfoot

Time’s up, Joe

How a New Jersey police department has worked to build trust in the community


Border Patrol Makes Massive Arrest After Smuggling Boat Capsizes

US Capitol sheds ‘war zone’ look — is threat over?

DeSantis Drops Big Clue about His Political Future – What’s he about to do?

Whitmer Busted Cold When Photo Surfaces, Her ‘Apology’ Won’t Save her this time


Biden May Have Just ADMITTED A VIOLATION – Impeach Him NOW!

Kamala Harris’ Latest Move Proves She’s the One in Charge

Vet Goes Off on Woke Policies at School board Meeting – This Man is an American Hero

Reporter Corners Psaki on Biden Killing Keystone XL But Approving Russia’s Pipeline

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