Headlines 5/8-5/10/21 (Kalee)


Do YOU have courage like this? Teacher Stands Up to Antifa Despite Threats

They admit they wanna FORCE the vaccine…

What’s Going On With The CIA and FBI?

Josh Hawley Says It’s Time to Break Up Big Tech

Biden Tries To Explain Horrible April Jobs Report — Internet Erupts Over His Blunders

Katie Pavlich Slams ‘Egregious’ Response To Parents’ Mask Protest

Teacher Caught On Tape in Racist Tirade After Latino Officer Stops Her

Glenn Greenwald: American liberals are confused on where power lies

There’s Just One Big Problem with Biden’s Travel Ban on India

ABC Host Declares You Should be “Shunned”, Freedoms Stripped if You Refuse To Submit


Catholic Priests May Deny Biden Holy Communion

ACLU Loses It After This City in Texas Completely Outlaws Abortion

College Professors Admit their Secret Liberal Agenda for College Students

FDA set to authorize Pfizer vax for kids age 12-15

Biden Just PROVED How Much he Disrespects our Veterans

Facebook slammed for ‘wild and unconscionable’ role in border crisis

NY Gov. Cuomo on nursing homes: ‘I did nothing wrong’

Disney Under Attack by Feminists after Revamping Popular Ride

Facebook keeps Trump ban — you’re next?

Police org warns vilification of cops is fueling crime, officer shortages


Sick! Biden Mentioned Racial Justice, NOT ‘God’ in National Day of Prayer Proclamation

Race-Baiters Be Damned: 3 Big Lies About Racism Debunked

How The Artificial Intelligence Revolution Will Transform Billion-Dollar Industries

Whitmer Obliterated in this New GOP Ad that will Make Her Hide Her Face in Public Forever!

I’m suing President Biden!

Trump Drops 2 Words About 2024 That Will Make You Jump For Joy

Karen Calls Cops On Lockdown Violation, Stunned At What They Find When Arrive

Jar Jar Biden Has One Word For People Who Refuse To Get “The Jab”

Original black characters remain on the shelf because of tokenization

‘Hypocrite’ CNN host wants to ban Republicans from his show


Psaki SNAPS When Reporter Asks Why Kamala Harris Is Taking More Power

US labor secretary on why Americans aren’t going back to work

Identical twins speak out after being awarded more than $24 million in scholarships

Josh Hawley Says It’s Time to Break Up Big Tech

Do YOU have courage like this? Portland teacher Stands Up to Antifa Despite Threats

They admit they wanna FORCE the vaccine

Transport Secretary announces the first 12 green lit countries safe for travel

Look Who the GOP is Eyeing to Replace RINO Liz Cheney


Inflation Raises Its Ugly Head: What Will The Fed Do Now?

House Hearing on How Artificial Intelligence Can Address Racial Justice

How Janet Yellen Could Help Fight Inflation With 100-Year Bonds

Elon Musk’s Starbase Mission Meets Resistance in Texas Border Town

America will pay for Biden plan — in taxes: Graham Allen

How Close are we to Returning to “Normal’? Dr. Fauci Weighs in

Vaccine patent waivers ‘worse idea than raising the corporate taxes’: GOP lawmaker

Mark Meadows: Why are all of Big Tech’s mistakes on one side of the aisle?


Biden Tries To Explain Horrible April Jobs Report — Internet ERUPTS Over His Blunders

What Will You Do When Inflation Forces Households To Spend 40 Percent Of Their Income On Food?

GoFundMe Blows Up For Officer Suspended For Mocking Lebron James; Officer Reacts

Is THIS How Marxists Will Destroy Private Property in America?

Kamala Harris Tries to Cover Up Border Crisis – Ted Cruz Immediately Shuts her Down

Charles Payne shares top three stocks he ‘absolutely loves’

Why is DOJ inserting itself into the Arizona audit?

Ben Carson warns Americans this will cause ‘irreparable damage’

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