Headlines 6/22-6/23/21 (Kalee)


Biden’s New Staffer is a HUGE Red Flag – Here’s why

Biden wants Iran Nuclear Deal within 6 weeks

Entire Riot Response Team RESIGNS From Portland Police Department – Do You Wonder Why?

Dems Getting A Taste of Their Own ‘Cancel Culture’ Medicine

Subject Line – Red Flag On Biden’s Staffer | Dems Get a Taste of Their Own Medicine | Biden Wants Iran Nuclear Deal


700-lb Bronze Statue of George Floyd Goes up in New Jersey – Twitter Users FUME at the Display

Say What? US Planning New Sanctions…On Russia!

Mayor Declares Emergency in her City but There’s One Big Problem

Justin Trudeau Exposed by Canadian Green Party Leader – Look Who he REALLY is

Dems Getting A Taste of Their Own ‘Cancel Culture’ Medicine

This PROVES Biden is the Laughingstock of the World

Hillary Returns With Insane New Russia Conspiracy

Fauci is a Democratic activist, not a neutral public health expert

Subject Line – Biden Proves He’s the Laughingstock of the World | Hillary Has A New CONSPIRACY | Justin Trudeau Exposed


CNN Host Turns On Kamala Harris – Admits The TRUTH about her Foreign Trip

Did covid-19 leak from a Chinese lab?

Did A Spy Defector From China Prove Trump Right?

Trump Rallies Are BACK!

CNN knows exactly how to slander the right…

Racism = Public Health Crisis? ..says Chicago Mayor Lightfoot

Former White House Physician DEMANDS Biden Take Cognitive Test

Mitch McConnell Sends WARNING to Republicans

Subject Line – CNN Turns on Kamala | Trump Rallies Are BACK | Mitch McConnell sends Warning to Republicans

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