Headlines 6/22-6/23/21 (Logan)


Former WH Physician DEMANDS Biden Take Cognitive Test

Mark Levin: How the Left Is Criminalizing Opposition to American Marxism

McConnell Sends WARNING about 2022 Midterms to Republicans

Houston Reporter Ivory Hecker Exposes Fox News Corp Bias!


Biden in Trouble with his Handlers AGAIN! Here’s How he Messed Up

Watch Biden use ‘Juneteenth’ as Leverage to Push Blatant LIE about Our Country

CNN’s Cuomo Sets Himself Up for a Roast Session – This Was Too Good to be True!

Lawmakers Horrified after Dem Rep Caught on Camera Looking like a Complete SLOB


Did A Spy Defector From China Prove Trump Right?

Cyberattackers Are Trying to POISON Our Water Supplies

Racism = Public Health Crisis? ..says This Mayor

Trump Rallies Are Back!


Creepy Joe Gets Touchy in Geneva after No One is Seen Wearing Masks

If TEXAS falls to the far-left, will the rest of America fall too?

CNN knows exactly how to slander the right…

Media sided with China because of ‘animosity’ for Trump


Wait, WHAT? Mitch McConnell Sends WARNING to Republicans

Navy Chief defends ‘racism’ book: This is Biden’s weak, woke military

This Gov. lays the Smackdown on Biden about 4th of July Fireworks

Pelosi Admits The Sick Truth About Her Feelings For Ilhan Omar


Pelosi DISGUSTED Everyone with this Answer to This Question

Lawmakers Horrified after Dem Rep Caught on Camera Looking like a Complete SLOB

China to send people to space — what’s next?

Biden forgot what Juneteenth was…


DeSantis RIPS Critical Race Theory during BRUTAL Monologue

This Gov. REACTS after Kamala Harris Hides in His State instead of Going to the Border

Kevin Durant And Rich Kleiman On Why They Went Into Business Together

Republicans Torpedo Pelosi After She Was Caught Trying To SLAM 2 Bills Through The House


Hillary Returns With INSANE New Russia Conspiracy

Mexican cartels control the border says border officials

Parent ERUPTS Over Critical Race Theory and Goes Viral

This Mayor Declares Emergency in her City but There’s One Big Problem


Ted Cruz EXPLODES on Senate Floor with Brutal Speech Aimed at Creepy Joe

Former hacker warns against ‘worse’ cyber attacks aimed at US

RNC Chair Goes Off, Here’s the Scorching Message She Dropped on Kamala

Gov. Abbott Ponies Up And Now Kamala Is Going to Look Like a FOOL


This PROVES Biden is the Laughingstock of the World

Fauci is a Democratic activist, not a neutral public health expert

Clay Travis Nails It: Dems Getting A Taste of Their Own ‘Cancel Culture’ Medicine

Mayor Lori Lightfoot Declares Emergency in her City but There’s One Big Problem


Biden’s New Staffer is a HUGE Red Flag – Here’s why

Velocity of Money Lowest in History as Fed Pours Gasoline on the Inflation Fire!

Is Twitter Drunk With Power Or A Human Right?

Woke Mob Attacks Actress Defending Lin Manuel-Miranda and his New Film

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