Headlines 7/24-7/26/21 (Kalee)


Hypocrisy: Maskless Texas Democrat Demands Universal Masking!

How is AOC a Victim Today?

Dem Lawmaker DENIED Holy Communion after Voting in Favor of Pro-Abortion Bill

Pelosi begins to stack ‘RINOs’ on Jan. 6th Committee


Strange! Biden Insists He’s Not Satan Reincarnated

Another Big Tech Nightmare Exposed

Will we EVER see justice in the FBI, Trump, Russia investigation?

Look What News Agency is Pumping AOC Merch – You Might Just Be Surprised


Jim Jordan Goes NUCLEAR After Pelosi Blocks Him From Jan. 6 Committee

Runaway Dem launches House bid from luxury DC hotel room

Will higher taxes tip the market?

Hunter Biden is in trouble

Biden’s Secretary of State Just gave the United Nations a New Task the Left will LOVE

White House Admits it’s colluding with BIG TECH to censor YOU?

Here’s PROOF Fauci lied Under Oath during feud with Rand Paul


ICE Confirms Joe Biden’s Biggest Scandal Yet is Completely Real

China rejects World Health Organization’s COVID origins probe

The Free World Isn’t Free Anymore

The Richest Man In The World Was Aboard The Titanic

Fauci Did NOT Deny Gain-of-Function Research

Marxist Methods: Debunking the Left’s Lies About Critical Race Theory

Watch How the Ladies on “The View” Used to Treat Donald Trump vs Now

Biden’s Ridiculous Plan for Rising Inflation has “DOOM” Written All Over It


Ted Cruz has PERFECT Solution to Get Rid of Socialist Nutcase AOC

WHEN Will the Economy Collapse?

Biden’s School Reopening Guide Links to RADICAL CRT Handbook

Why The Billionaire Space Race Has Downsides For The Planet

NAACP Official Lashes Out at Those Opposed to CRT – Now, She’s Regretting it

Joe Biden Walks Back Claim against Facebook – Clarifies Who he Thinks is Really Killing People

Are We On The Verge Of A Massive Stock Market Crash?

Ben Shapiro Says THIS Is What Concerns Him Most

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