Headlines 7/24-7/26/21 (Logan)


Listen to Biden & Harris spread vaccine MISINFORMATION last year

Marxist Methods: Debunking the Left’s LIES About Critical Race Theory

Trump Seals Liz Cheney’s Political Fate with this SCORCHING Message

Wow! Doctor caught on video saying opioids are not addictive


Tom Brady Mocks Joe Biden to his FACE with Hilarious Jab

Graham Wants to Steal a page from the TX Dems’ Playbook to Block this Leftist Bill

Here’s Joe Biden’s “Genius” Plan to Create Jobs and Grow the Middle Class

After Kneeling for Anthem, Women’s Olympic Soccer Team is Handed Brutal Loss


This Dem Pulls Ultimate Race Card while on the Run from being Locked up

Watch Mark Levin Dropkick Biden in SAVAGE Monologue

Pelosi: Wicked witch of Washington D.C.

What a Joke! CBS reporter says “Patriot” is hate speech


DeSantis Sends SCORCHING Message to Biden about Cuba

Crooks Walk Out of Store with Loads of Stolen Merchandise in Broad Daylight

What Really Happened at the Trump Debate: Insight from Megyn Kelly

Larry Elder Refuses to Back Down – Announces Lawsuit against CA Sec. of State


After Pelosi Abuses Her Power, Guess Who Comes RUNNING to Defend Her

Mumblings & Lies: Biden’s CNN Town Hall Was Epic Disaster

Rand Paul says Dr. Fauci’s ‘Horrifying Statement’ should be focus of media

Dem Who Wants to Defund the Police Busted After Taking One Look At Her Expenses


MUST WATCH: Psaki Has NO ANSWER After Texas Dems Test Positive for COVID

Why is Ukraine dragging the US into their war with Russia?

Video of Biden’s CNN Town Hall is a Complete Trainwreck

The left’s favorite new buzzword is the KEY to Marxism

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