Headlines 7/29-7/31


Biden Pushes Intersectionality Above Merit in Military Ranks!

Jason Aldean Silences Woke Mob, Patriot Song Soars to #1 Despite Controversy

Fall from Grace: DeSantis’s 2024 Election Hopes Take Nose-Dive!

Obama’s Personal Chef Mysteriously Drowned Near Exclusive Vineyard Estate!


Raskin Clashes with Comer over Shocking Biden Photos Revealed by MTG!

Fifth Circuit Crushes ATF’s 2A Rights Assault: Major Win for Gun Enthusiasts

How Will a House Impeachment Inquiry Impact Hunter Biden?

Biden Rewards Hunter’s Art Fanatic with Top Commission Spot!


Legal Eagles Expose Dark Truth Behind Hunter’s Bungled Plea Deal!

Shocker: NBA Legend’s 18-Year-Old Son Collapses with Heart Attack on Court

Schumer’s Shock Israel Defense Silences Far-Left Jayapal

Indictment Looms for Trump: Coincidence or Media Distraction?


FBI Caught Spying on Senators: Big Brother’s Illegal Snoopfest Exposed!

Trump Flays Feeble House Republicans for Biden’s Free Pass!

Trans Lawmaker’s Dark Secret: Child Exploitation & Biden’s PC Silence

Miss Italy Shakes Up Beauty World with Transgender Contestant Ban!


Trans Agenda Swamps Women’s Sports: World Aquatics’ Absurd New Category

Biden’s $60K Slap to Fallen Marine’s Family: Shocking Pentagon Policy Exposed

Hunter’s $2M Pay-for-Power Plot Exposed: Shocking New Emails Unearthed!

White House Spins Economy Lies, Ignores Racism & Inflation Woes!


McConnell’s Health Scare Exposes Age Crisis: Term Limits Solution to Stale Congress?

Billionaire Bad Boy: UK’s Joe Lewis Faces US Insider Trading Hell!

Hunter Biden Scandal: Tangled Web Exposed in Bombshell Calls

Breaking: In Verdict Shocker, Justice Served in Spacey Case!


Cruz Calls WH Liar Over Hunter Biden: Wants Poker Game with Jean-Pierre!

Mark Levin Slams Dems for Giving McCarthy’s Freedom Film the Cold Shoulder!

Exposed: Hunter Biden’s Lawyers’ Dirty Tricks to Hide Evidence!

Maxine Waters’ $8K Payout to Daughter Exposed!


Biden’s New Target: Not Terrorism, but ‘Extreme Heat’!

Traitorous Senate Snubs Cruz, Abandons Vaccine-Refusing Heroes!

Tucker Brands Pence as ‘Creepy’ in Shocking Tell-All Biography!

Trump & Christie Snubbed: Iowa Rally Drama Escalates


Alabama Hero: Armed Citizen Thwarts Knife-Maniac at Traffic Light!

Mayorkas Roasted by Hageman: Exposing Censorship & Border Fiasco in Fiery Showdown!

Portland Hospital Survives Shooter Terror: Emergency Lockdown Still in Effect!

Biden’s Denials Unravel: Tangled in Son’s Shady Business Deals?


Cowboy Chip Roy Lassos Mayorkas’ Border Failures in Fiery Showdown

Ex-Senator Spins Biden Impeach Calls as Fatherly Love Attack, Ignores Scandal Evidence

Alien Lifeforms Exposed in House Hearing: Official Cover-up Unraveled!

Bookstores Fight Texan Law Shielding Kids from Smut


Biden’s ‘Cancer Cure’ Blunder: McGhee White Demands Dementia Cure Next!

Axed: Bud Light’s Job Crisis Rocks Corporate Bigwigs!

Leo Defies Dems’ Witch Hunt: Protects Constitution, Supreme Court Integrity

Biden Bumbles Speech, Claims Cancer “Ended” – Can We Trust Him?


Smoking Gun: DOJ Exposed for Cozying Up with Hunter Biden’s Lawyers!

Kennedy Slams Congress as a High School Drama Over Supreme Court Bill!

Alien Invasion? UFOs Threaten U.S. Military Readiness, Warns White House!

Shoplifting Epidemic Plagues San Fran: Lib Paradise or City of Thieves?


White House Dodges Hunter’s Scandals: Cocaine, Shady Deals & Biden’s Cover-Up

Explosive Revelations on US Attorney’s Handling of Hunter Biden Probe!

Russia Bans Trans Surgeries, Leftists Outraged: Sanity Prevails!

Maxine Waters: The Democrat Pocketing Campaign Cash for Family!


Tucker & Ice Cube Defy Leftist Vaccine Tyranny, Expose Big Pharma Lies

Law Prof Exposes Media Ploy to Bury Biden Scandal, GOP Won’t Budge!

Is “Biden Impeachment” the Phrase White House Fears to Utter?

Just Stop Oil’s Chaos Backfires: YouTubers Prank Activists for a Taste of Their Own Medicine


Hunter Biden’s Shocking Release Terms: No Guns, Drugs, & Must Find A Job!

Dems Walk Out on Kid’s Safety: Ignore Dangers of Gender Surgery Funding

New Study Confirms: Democrat Support for Violence Skyrockets!

Hunter Biden Denied Cozy Plea Deal, Pleads Not Guilty!


Biden’s Team in Panic: Frantic Cover-Up Follows Whacky Cancer Cure Claim!

Shock: Mitch McConnell Suffers Malfunction at Press Conference, Escorted Out

$875K Spent on Hunter Biden’s Art by Unknown Buyer with China Links!

Shocking Link Between Media Backlash on ‘Sound of Freedom’ & Infamous Philosophers!


Bipartisan Win: China’s Land Grab Halted by US Senate

Woke Culture Shocked as Jason Aldean’s Unapologetic Hit Soars to #2!

Biden’s Dog Unleashes Chaos: Secret Service Agent Hospitalized!

Trump Targeted: Fulton County DA Stoops To ‘Election Fraud’ Conspiracy!


Harris Ignores Border Crisis, Attacks Heroes: The Biden Disaster Continues!

Explosive Testimony from Hunter Biden Ally: Game Changer for Impeachment?

Biden Risks US Energy Security, Caves to Eco Radicals

San Francisco Mayor’s Radical Idea: Ax Most Taxes for Business Boom!


New Study Confirms: Democrat Support for Violence Skyrockets!

DeSantis Battles Adversity: Walks Away from Tennessee Car Crash!

How Will a House Impeachment Inquiry Impact Hunter Biden?

Jason Aldean Bows to Fox, Edits ‘Try That in Small Town’ Video


Bud Light’s PC Woes: 400 Layoffs & Dethroned by Modelo!

McConnell’s Mysterious Freeze: Health Scare or Sinister Setup?

Judge Halts Biden’s Border Fiasco, Saving Asylum Laws

Biden’s Re-Election Hopes Sink as Court Rulings Backfire on Dems!


Secret Ties Uncovered: Biden’s Action-Packed 200 Meetings with Hunter’s Pals!

DeSantis Escapes Car Crash Unscathed: Divine Intervention in 2024 Race?

Ramaswamy Caught Red-Handed in Voting Scandal, Admits False Claim!

Congresswoman’s Racy Talk Shocks Prayer Breakfast: What Happened to Values?


Trump Backs RNC’s “Bank Your Vote” Push to Crush Dems in 2024!

Bank Targets Vaccine Critic & His Business: Free Speech Under Fire?

Biden Bribery Claims Still Alive, Declares MTG: White House Lies Exposed!

Unprecedented: All U.S. Governors Gloat Over Net Positive Approval! Here’s Why


Bipartisan Senate Vote Blocks China’s US Land Grab

Stefanik Exposes Biden’s Panic: White House Scrambles Over Hunter’s Biz Drama!

Hunter Biden’s FARA Fiasco: Unraveling the Deceitful Web of Foreign Deals

San Francisco Shoplifting Epidemic: CNN Caught Red-Handed!

FL 2

New Electoral Ratings: Dems Cling to Thin 2024 Advantage, Conservatives Rise!

White House Sweats as Legal Battle Looms over Labor Secretary’s Power!

Deadly Heat Wave: Pro Survival Guide for Blazing Emergencies!

Mayorkas Clings to Border Policies Despite GOP’s Impeachment Thunder

FL 3

EU Charges Americans for Visits: Trump Vows to Fight Back in 2024!

Sanders Slams Newsom: Wake-Up Call for Arkansas Transplants

Hillary Clinton Fixes Blame for Heatwave on YOU: True Or Fear-Mongering?

Adam Schiff Drops Bombshell on Possible Biden Impeachment!


DeSantis Battles Adversity: Walks Away from Tennessee Car Crash!

Feinstein Fumbles Again: Time for Fresh Conservative Blood?

Unveiled: Democrats’ Plot to Shred Kennedy’s Jewish-Israel Roots!

Hillary Clinton Points the Summer Heatwave Finger at ‘MAGA Republicans’!


Explosive Bio: Tucker Exposes Dark Underbelly of ‘Saintly’ Mike Pence

Exposed: Hunter Biden Lawyers Pass Buck to Clerk Over Court Bungle!

Biden Blunder: Comer Outs Foiled Plea, Disarms Biden’s Legal Bully Prowess

Obama’s Personal Chef Mysteriously Drowned Near Exclusive Vineyard Estate!


Biden Cheers On Union Deals: Is America’s Workforce in Peril?

DeSantis Axes Staff to Reignite Campaign: Genius Move?

Moderna Jab: 1 in 35 Risk Heart Damage, Peer-Reviewed Study Reveals!

Fox Orders Aldean to Axe BLM Riots from Latest Music Video!


Shock Revelation: Pro-Trans Activist Vows to ‘Dismember’ Chino Valley School Chief

Impeachment Looms as Biden Corruption Skyrockets, Claims McCarthy!

Biden’s Lawyers in Hot Water Over Courtroom Deception!

House GOP Turn Up The Heat: The Impeachment Push Against Biden Ignites!


FBI Caught Spying on Senators: Big Brother’s Illegal Snoopfest Exposed!

Epic Florida Education Flip Stuns Kamala, Leaves Her Scrambling!

Judge Noreika Exposes Truth, Deals Blow to Biden’s Cover-Up Attempt

Hillary Clinton Scorched for Blaming MAGA GOP for July Heatwave


DeSantis’ Campaign Crumbles: Trump Dominates & Steals the Show Once Again!

MSNBC’s Outrageous Attack on Conservatives: Spy on Us All?

Rob Schneider Revisits the Shocking Moment Sinead O’Connor Ripped up Pope’s Photo!

Mysterious Death of Obama’s Chef: What Are They Hiding?


DOJ Favoritism? Charges Dropped for Shady Democrat Megadonor!

Ice Cube, Tucker Team Up: Shocking Big Pharma Expose Revealed!

Biden Caught Red-Handed! White House Alters Scandal Denial Stories!

Stunning Reveal: Biden’s Ex-Aide and Close Ally of Hunter Employed by Weiss Amidst Biden Probe!


Turley Reveals: The Single Charge That Haunts Biden White House!

Mayra Flores Outshines Gonzalez: Texas GOP Starlet Raises More Campaign Cash!

Deadly Fallout: Biden’s Border Mess Strikes Yet Again!

Hunter Biden’s Cozy Deal: Emails Expose Ties to Delaware Prosecutor


Shocking Truth Behind Senator McConnell’s Recent Health Scare Revealed!

RFK Jr. Slams Biden’s Regime for a Slew of Poor Choices!

Trump Backs RNC’s “Bank Your Vote” Push to Crush Dems in 2024!

Harvard-Harris Poll Shocker: Trump Outshines Biden and DeSantis!

CCH (6)

Biden Picks Major Hunter Art Buyer for Top Commission: Coincidence?

Trump Adviser Crushes DeSantis’s 2024 Dreams: Career Flatline?

Harris Ignores Border Crisis, Attacks Heroes: The Biden Disaster Continues!

RFK Jr. Demands Biden-Ukraine Scandal Probe: Corruption Must Fall!

McCarthy Teases Action on Biden Bribery Claims: What’s Next?

Whistleblower BUSTS Hunter Biden’s Tax Tricks in Explosive Interview!


Secret Ties Uncovered: Biden’s Action-Packed 200 Meetings with Hunter’s Pals!

Biden Bumbles: Voters Doubt Re-election, Democrats Seek New Hope

Mayorkas Clown Show: Absurdities Unfold in Border Hearing

Biden’s Secret: More Tangled in Hunter’s Business Than He Confessed!


Biden BUSTED! Hunter’s Lawyer Exposes Million-Dollar Foreign Income Lies

McCarthy Hints at Biden Impeachment as Bribery Scandals Unravel

Hunter Biden: Prison-Bound Over Scandal? Trial May Decide!

DOJ Favoritism? Charges Dropped for Shady Democrat Megadonor!


Fox News Fumbles, Newsmax Soars Post-Tucker: What’s Next?

Biden on Brink as Ex-Biz Associate Spills All on Sleazy Deals: Impeachment Looms!

Thunberg Fined: Disruptive Activism Backfires in Sweden

Romney Misses the Mark, Warns GOP Donors Against Funding Trump!


Biden Art Scandal: Donor Buys & Lands Prestigious Appointment

Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Explode, Lash Out at Judge over Plea Deal Exposure

Tucker Carlson & Ice Cube: Revealing Big Pharma’s Dirty Secret

Shocker: Hunter Biden Says Not Guilty as Favorable Deal Collapses


Top Exec Archer Blows Whistle on Biden’s Secret Business Deals!

DeSantis Walks Unscathed from Crash: Left’s Dream Ends in Disappointment

Pelosi Praises Schiff, Invents Jefferson Tale: Fact or Fantasy?

Shocking Link Between Media Backlash on ‘Sound of Freedom’ & Infamous Philosophers!


Obamas Present on Island During Chef’s Mysterious Death: What Are They Hiding?

Exposed: ABC News Masks Biden’s Alleged Bribery Scandal!

Hunter Biden’s Ultimatum: Clean Up or Face Jail Time!

Gaetz Slams Birthright Loophole – Will GOP Rally Behind the Bold Move?

PMN (6)

Climate Crusader Thunberg Pays Price for Traffic Mayhem!

Utah Mayor Takes Successful Swing at Romney’s Senate Seat!

Jim Jordan Exposes FBI’s Parent Spying, Catholic Targeting Scandal

KJP Dodges Questions, Spouts Job Stats Instead!

Chip Roy Roasts Mayorkas on Border Failures in Heated Battle!

Immigrant Wields 12-inch Blade at Busy McDonald’s: Wake-Up Call on Immigration Policy


Biden & Aide Dodge Impeachment Talk: Corruption Cover-up Exposed!

Biden Family Chronicles: Hunter’s Art Scandals and Media Blind-Eyes Revealed!

Biden’s Health Crumbles, Aides Desperate to Hide Decline!

McConnell Stumbles, Media Silent on Biden’s Bigger Blunders!


Chase Bank Shuts Door on Doctor Skeptical of COVID Policies!

Revealed: Joe’s Escape Plan for Embattled Son Hunter Biden, Kash Patel Unmasks!

Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal Fiasco Exposes CNN’s Struggle to Defend the Indefensible

Trump Team vs. Smith: Witch Hunt 2.0 or Legal Knockout?


Ex-Biden Lawyer Linked to ‘Big Guy’ Probe Freeze, Insider Reveals!

Tucker Carlson Takes Rapper on Wild Ride into Big Pharma’s Dirty Secrets

Shocking Link Between Media Backlash on ‘Sound of Freedom’ & Infamous Philosophers!

Schumer Targets GOP Amendments in Risky Military Spending Standoff


Green Extremists Pull Strings on Biden: Say Goodbye to Gulf Drilling!

DeSantis Battles Adversity: Walks Away from Tennessee Car Crash!

Dems Panic as Truth on Hunter Biden Uncovered: The Scandal They Can’t Hide!

DHS Head Mayorkas in GOP Crosshairs: Impeachment Looms for Border Blunders, Free Speech Threats


DeSantis Fires 1/3 Staff, Blames Media for Slumping 2024 Campaign!

Snubbed Vet Exposes Harry & Meghan’s True Colors

Ice Cube Drops Truth Bombs About Disruptive Race Divide on Tucker Tonight

Chef Deaths at Clinton & Obama Homes: Coincidence or Cover-up?


Legal Whiz Turley Flames FBI for Shielding Bidens: The Scandal Deepens!

Media Chase on Cunning WH Deflections Over Biden Family Ties Uncovered!

Jewish Crowd in NY Gives RFK Jr. Rockstar Welcome!

Biden Caught Red-Handed: 200 Ties to Hunter’s Shady Business Deals Exposed!

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