Headlines 7/3-7/5/21 (Kalee)


Wow! Leaked Audio Shows Teacher PRESSURING Students to Get COVID Vaccine

Biden faces lawsuit from Texas sheriffs over border crisis

Mike Pence Makes it Clear – Republicans are the Last Line of Defense from a Total Socialist Takeover

Liberals look to tax the Second Amendment in this city

Subject Line – Biden Faces LAWSUIT | Teacher Pressuring Students to Get the Jab


Whoa! Evil Pelosi BREAKS With Biden – BLOCKS Infrastructure Bill from Getting to the House Floor

Both parties point fingers on who’s responsible for defunding the police

Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake Will “Finish The Wall!”

Reports show Kamala Harris office ‘not a healthy environment’

Immigrant Congressman SLAMS Biden’s use of ‘LatinX’

Wuhan lab’s ‘lethal’ virus research buried in US databases for almost a year

Ted Cruz: Biden kept his promise and it’s hurting America

The Xbox And PlayStation First Party Arms Race


Trump CFO Surrenders to Manhattan DA As Obama/Biden Try to Destroy the Trump Organization

FOX’s Chris Wallace STUNS Audience with this ABSURD Claim about the GOP

US Supreme Court Upholds Jim Crow 2.0 & A Pulse Nightclub Survivor Speaks Out on Gun Violence

Government by the People, Not by Elite Democrats

As Bullets FLY, AOC Refuses to Acknowledge NYC’s Rising Crime Rate

Breaking Down Al Gore’s Pathetic Attempt To Own Trump

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Trust the NSA’s Denial of SPYING on Tucker

NASA chief threatens to close door on China cooperation


TX Gov. Praises Donald Trump for Border Work, SLAMS Biden for Being MIA

Ted Cruz answers the 2024 question

Trump Roasts Biden, Harris during his Trip to the Border

Texas Dem Proves Her Party Loves Illegal Immigrants

Microsoft reveals shocking prevalence of DOJ”s snooping on Americans

How Elon Musk Is Taking Tesla Global

Kamala Harris’ staff report working in toxic environment

A Massive Election Controversy Is Brewing

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