Headlines 8/7-8/9/21 (Kalee)


Internet ERUPTS When Biden Invites Child Up Front and Gets a Little Too Close

If we allow COVID vaccine passports, we DESERVE the tyranny that’ll follow

Washington begs Big Tech to rescue US from cyberattacks

David Chipman Pushed US Gun Control On Communist China TV


Biden’s Plan To Stop Border Crisis? VAX EVERYONE Coming Over

Ted Cruz EXPOSES Biden’s ATF Pick for Racist History As Room Goes Silent

Passenger Duct Taped To Airplane Mid-Flight After Unhinged Outburst Against Crew

Anything Kamala Harris Touches “She Usually Makes Worse”


Ted Cruz EXPOSES Biden’s ATF Pick for Racist History As Room Goes SILENT

Central Planners Don’t Have A Clue, So Don’t Trust The Fed

China sticking with ‘whopper’ lie that COVID came from America

2 Texas Dems who fled state to avoid vote allegedly vacationing in Portugal

Pompeo Says Biden Not Stopping What China Started Summer Of 2019

Why Isn’t CDC Studying Harmful Effects of Masking Kindergarteners for 7 Hours?

Biden Forced To Respond To Pelosi-led Disaster, Thousands To Be Left Without Place To Live

“Creepy Joe” strikes again


The Government’s Plan to DESTROY Small Business

Should we be worried about technology?

Obama Needs ‘You’ To Give Him ‘$6’ Birthday Gift To Fund Presidential Library

Cuomo’s Big Scandal Exposes the Media’s Shameless Bias

Why 1970’s Style Inflation is NOT Good For Stocks

Biden signs Capitol Police Act

DeSantis Blasts Biden: “I Don’t Want to Hear a Blip About Covid” Until You Secure Border

Are Currency Boards The Gold Standard To Fight Inflation?


Psaki Asked One Question She Didn’t Want About Border, She Turns & Blames Trump

How The Giga Press Is Making Tesla More Money

This man is Newsom’s biggest threat and he’s a Democrat | Rob Schmitt Tonight

The real reason US is provoking China

CNN In Ratings Dumpster Fire: Last Week None Of Their Shows Broke A Million Views

Far-Left’s Longterm Plan To Demonize White Conservatives EXPOSED

Psaki GRILLED On Biden Ties To Criminal Sexual Assault Charges Against Cuomo

Pelosi In Trouble With Voters Over January 6th House Committee Says New Poll

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