Headlines 8/7-8/9/21 (Logan)


Study shows the media’s COVID paranoia may be LETHAL

Cuomo Bros’ Bold Stances on Sexual Allegations That Are Not Against Andrew

Must Watch: Soviet Immigrant, Registered Dem Issues Stark Warning about CRT

Why youngsters will soon get the COVID-19 jab


Donald Trump Puts Final Nail in Liz Cheney’s Coffin after Poll Numbers Reveal her Worst Nightmare

Kayleigh McEnany blasts Chris Cuomo for ‘outrageous’ conduct

Biden Goes Full Tyrant

Passenger Duct Taped To Airplane Mid-Flight After Unhinged Outburst Against Crew


Fox Reporter Stumps Psaki When He Brings Up RECORD HIGH of Migrants at the Border

Cuomo’s Collapse Why Powerful Democrats Never Just Step Down

The Government’s Plan to DESTROY Small Business

This man is Newsom’s biggest threat and he’s a Democrat


DeSantis TRASHES Biden for Attacking Florida’s Handling of COVID-19

Does CNN care about Clinton and Cuomo scandals?

Want to Do Any Shopping or Dining? Dems Say BETTER BE VAXXED!

Biden signs Capitol Police Act


Fox Reporter Catches Biden Admin ‘Mass Release’ of Migrants In Downtown Of American City

Far left’s Longterm plan to demonize white conservatives Exposed

American Medical Association Wants Sex REMOVED From Birth Certificates

The 10 Stages Of Genocide may be happening here, NOW


Illegal Migrants Caught On Camera Showing Sick Symptoms After Border Crossing

Pelosi In Trouble With Voters Over January 6th House Committee Says New Poll

CNN In Ratings Dumpster Fire: Last Week None Of Their Shows Broke A Million Views

Why Isn’t CDC Studying Harmful Effects of Masking Kindergarteners for 7 Hours?

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